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Today’s ‘New’ Maritime World – Threats & Risks

The International Maritime Bureau has reported that, as of 15 April 2013, there have been 76 attacks and four hijackings on the world’s oceans and other waterways since the start of the year. Three maritime experts share their collective knowledge of piracy attacks in today’s world and offer some helpful recommendations for assessing

Shipboard Emergencies – 1000 Miles From Nowhere

In 1990, a cruise ship travelling from Norway to Denmark – the Scandinavian Star – turned into a “floating fireball” within 45 minutes after a small hallway fire erupted, resulting in 158 deaths. Better ship construction and new maritime training standards target such disasters and help prevent future tragedies with

The Growing Complexities of Port Rescue Operations

Disaster-response operations are always risky, and almost always complicated. The risks and complications are demonstrably much greater, though, when the incident occurs in a major port, which is already a dangerous place to work and, in addition, has in recent years become a particularly attractive target for terrorists.

USCG’s Small-Vessel Security Strategy Ready for Launch

It might look like a yacht and might even maneuver like a yacht. But it could be, instead, a cleverly disguised missile launcher, in yacht’s clothing, entering New York Harbor or coming up the Potomac to strike a new blow for Islamic fundamentalism and against the wicked American imperialists. Here

Port Recovery in Haiti: The Initial Stages

The Resolve Marine Group played a key role in helping to clear the shattered harbor area in Port au Prince and make it possible to bring ashore thousands of tons of food, fuel, medicines and medical supplies, and the numerous other life-saving essentials so desperately needed by the Haitian people.

The Coast Guard Looks Ahead: A Closer Spirit of Cooperation With Local Agencies

For many decades the U.S. Coast Guard was the nation’s “”forgotten service”” – except in time of war. In an era when international terrorism is the greatest threat to the U.S. homeland, though, the multi-mission service has moved front and center to a starring role. But it needs help from

Responding to Incidents in a Neighboring Port

The U.S. port system is huge, complex, and immensely important to the nation’s economy and to homeland security. The 24/7 protection of that system is an extremely difficult task and usually involves a host of different organizations and agencies working in close cooperation with one another.

TWIC Program Close to Full Implementation

Most U.S. ports are now safer from sabotage and terrorist attacks than ever before in recent years. The safety imperative will soon be upgraded even more when the new Transportation Workers Identification Card regulations become SOP at all of the nation’s ports.

Situational Awareness the Key: Deterring Pirate Attacks Against Merchant Ships

Pirates have been sailing the seas of the world from time immemorial. What some historians call the “golden age” of piracy started in the 16th century and continued into the 18th century. Perhaps the most successful and best known of the pirate crews during that period were the Barbary Corsairs,


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