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Police Training for Hazardous Threats

Hazardous material threats come in many forms and can be found in any law enforcement jurisdiction. When police officers and other responders encounter such threats their lives and the safety of many others may depend on them knowing what to do and how to do it. Training them, and helping

Integrated Capstone Event Expands Training for Responders

Professional athletes focus first on personal training skills, but understand that team training is needed to win games – and championships. The Center for Domestic Preparedness uses that winning philosophy for their “Capstone” events, in which students from many professional disciplines join forces to address realistic scenarios that require their

Tennessee Hospitals Use HERT to Enhance Preparedness

The versatile Center for Domestic Preparedness, already a true national asset, continues to expand its curriculum – and its value to healthcare professionals throughout the country. The center’s Hospital Emergency Response Training course, the latest example, provides “incredible” hands-on training that will be particularly valuable in dealing with the decontamination

CDP’s School Bus Enhances Mass Triage Scenario

The “first child” could not be saved, which meant that considerable time had already been wasted. But real life is a grim teacher – which is exactly why the Center for Domestic Preparedness makes its chilling incident scenarios as lifelike and realistic as possible. The end result: Invaluable training for

All-Hazards Response Training Updated & Expanded

The massive increase in workload at FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness has led to not only a parallel increase in the center’s own specialized capabilities but also a Noble upgrading of facilities, equipment, and the training curriculum. The other good news, for state and local budget managers, is that all expenses are federally

TERT Takes Toxic Approach to Emergency Response

Chemicals, biological agents, and other dangerous substances are among the key instructional materials used to train hazmat technicians and other first responders participating in the CDP’s upgraded “COBRA course” in Anniston, Alabama.

Moulage Casts Reality With Mock Injuries

An ancient & honorable Renaissance word is put to good use at FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness, where moulage artists replicate broken arms, cuts, bruises, & other injuries to make first-responder training more realistic and more effective.


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Article Out Loud – Citizen Soldiers and American State Defense Forces

By JAMES P. HOWARD Ⅱ, An Article Out Loud from the Domestic Preparedness, September 06, 2023.Targeted-violent events threaten staff and students’ physical, psychological, and emotional well-being in public schools. However, the increasing frequency of these incidents raises concerns about the preparedness of incoming teachers and current staff to handle such

Article Out Loud – Bioterrorism – Could Smallpox Return?

Although smallpox was eradicated from its human population and reservoir, it is still in designated stockpiles controlled by two nations and possibly in other unknown locations. Learn about the possible threat and the need for greater preparedness and discussion.


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